The Cierny-Mader Lecture

“To communicate excellence and innovation in the multidisciplinary management of bone and joint infection”

The OBIC conference has established the Cierny-Mader Lecture, named in honour of an Orthopaedic Surgeon, George Cierny, and an Infections Disease physician, Jon Mader, who together pioneered a multi-disciplinary model for treating bone and joint infection. The lectures takes place and each OBIC meet and the lectureship is awarded to a prominent practitioner who, in the opinion of the organising committee, is able to communicate excellence and innovation in the management of bone and joint infection, as was exemplified by Cierny and Mader.

OBIC 2023 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
The 7th Cierny-Mader Lecture, titled "Nicrotizing Fasciitis, time to refresh pathophysiology and management", was delivered by Professor Alex Soriano, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, and President of EBJIS.
OBIC 2020 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
The 6th Cierny-Mader Lecture was awarded to Professor Andrej Trampuz, Berlin.
OBIC 2019 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
The 5th Cierny-Mader Lecture, titled "Outcomes of the 2018 international consensus meeting on musculoskeletas infections", was delivered by Professor Thorsten Gehrke, Director of the Helios ENDO-Klinik, Hamburg.
OBIC 2018 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
the 4th Cierny-Mader Lecture was delivered by Professor Eric Senneville, Department of Infections Diseases, Dron Hospital, Tourcoing, France.
OBIC 2016 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
As OBIC 2016 was a one day instructional meeting preceding EBJIS, there was no Cierny-Mader Lecture.
OBIC 2015 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
The 3rd Cierny-Mader Lecture, sponsored by British infection Association, was delivered by Professor Werner Zimmerli, Department of Infectious Diseases, Basel University, Medical Clinic, Liestal, Switzerland.
OBIC 2014 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
The 2nd Cierny-Mader Lecture was delivered by Professor Jason Calhoun from West Michigan, USA. Professor Jason Calhoun's research has focused on new approaches to manage osteomyelitis, including the testing of novel antibiotics, strategies to destroy or prevent biofilms, and surgical techniques.
OBIC 2013 - Cierny-Mader Lecture
The inaugural Cierny-Mader Lecture was given by Professor Doug Osmon, who leads the musculoskeletal service at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.